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Charitable Donation Application

In this, our 90th year, Long Cadillac will continue its tradition of giving back to our community by dedicating $10,000 to one local charitable organization nominated by our employees and chosen by our management. In order to be considered, please review the below information and download the application form.

Timeline and Resources Required

Our process aims to answer key questions, and will help us (a) decide whether to recommend a charity; (b) decide how to rank it relative to our other local charities; (c) create a basis for deciding which organization will use future funding most productively. Candidate organizations should have a minimum of two dedicated contacts to work along with the Long Cadillac team through all three phases.

Phase 1:  January 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017

Long Cadillac will invite local organizations to apply for consideration. One or two phone conversations with candidate organization staff deeply familiar with the program will be requested to better understand the candidate organization’s priorities, expansion opportunities, and internal operations. We will request internal documents, including documents that show how the candidate organization uses funds and tracks its impact.


Phase 2:  May 2017

A site visit, generally mid-week, to an area where the candidate organization’s program is being implemented. We will take notes and photographs on these visits and, request that the candidate organization review the notes, suggest any edits and, give us permission to publish them on our website and social media.


Phase 3:  June - August 2017

Organizations who have successfully completed all the requirements and participated fully in Phase 1 & Phase 2 will remain under consideration for final recommendation. We plan to publish completed reviews and charity recommendations around July 20th. We will let candidate organizations know about our recommendation decisions prior to publication.
Each organization will be expected to provide coverage of their participation and solicitation of this donation from Long Cadillac on their social media channels, website, newsletter and any other appropriate media. Long Cadillac reserves the right to review any published content for approval and accuracy prior to publication.
Candidate organizations will be required to prepare a 10 minute presentation with a 5 minute Q&A to be held at our location in September (date TBD). Members of each organization are encouraged to attend in support of their group.

Questions?  Please Contact Us:

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