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Flashback! 75th Anniversary

Long Cadillac c.2002

REPRINTED FROM: 'Chronicle' 2002 (LAG newsletter)

The Long Automotive family actually sprang from a sideline business. Richard H. Long, founder of Long Automotive Group, first manufactured bodies for the Franklin Motor Company, then for Bay State. Mr. Long operated two large plants on Fountain Street in Framingham.

The bodies Long constructed for Bay State were framed from the highest quality Southern ash and covered in aluminum. Upholstery was of broadcloth. Other accepted components were a Continental 6, Lycoming 8 engines, Borg and Creek clutches, Columbia axles and Delco ignitions. After approximately 4,000 were built, Long found that the company could not operate successfully.

Interestingly, the company restored a Bay State Roadster in 1975, and it ran like new - including the Waltham clock!

In 1927, Richard H. Long opened the Cadillac franchise. Pontiac and GMC truck followed shortly thereafter. The sales and service facility for all three was housed in an old wooden factory building at 624 Waverly Street in Framingham. This building was eventually demolished to make way for the current facility, featuring 50,000 square feet under roof on about three acres on both sides of Waverly Street. Oldsmobile was added to the family of dealerships in 1997.

A new facility on Route 9 was opened in 1998, and the Buick, Pontiac, and GMC franchises reside there. The Kia franchise was added in 2000 and Hummer was acquired in 2001, with sales at Route 9 and service at Route 135.

Charles F. Long (Nov. 2, 1905 - Mar. 2, 2001) became president of Long Automotive Group in 1956. He twice served on the General Motors President's Dealer Advisory Committee and was Massachusetts TIME Quality Dealer of the Year in 1986.


Charles F. Long Jr., current president of

Long Automotive Group,

became the third generation president in 2001


Long Automotive employs nearly 150 people. The company has been first in Pontiac retail sales for a number of years, is currently fourth in Cadillac, and first in GMC truck sales. We're proud to be the exclusive Massachusetts dealer to have achieved a Master rating from Cadillac, Pontiac and GMC Truck.

Being in business for 75 years has taught us what's important: the customer. Long Automotive will always strive to put customer service and relationships ahead of sales numbers.


'Flashback!' blog posts will feature an article reprinted from one of the previous issues of the Long Automotive Group newsletters or other sources as noted.

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