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90th Donation Applicant: Fresh Start Furniture Bank

Fresh Start Furniture Bank is a non-profit which takes donations of gently used furniture and home goods and distributes them for free to people in need. Currently 217 social service agencies in 65 cities and towns refer clients to them.

Fresh Start Furniture Bank

Founders Geoff Schultz and Sue Waudby visited Long Cadillac to describe what they have been able to accomplish since they formed Fresh Start in 2013. “We started as a replacement for a charity that stopped providing this type of service. Right now, we operate out of a 5,000 sq. ft. space that functions as our distribution center and we are looking to expand,” said Geoff. “This year we expect to furnish over 400 households with over 12,000 pieces of furniture and home goods for under $100 per household.”

“Fresh Start is an inspired but extremely practical solution to an issue that may seem somewhat of a secondary concern during a very difficult time in someone’s life,” commented Scott Barry, Long Cadillac Executive Manager. “There is a tremendous amount of manpower being expended by their volunteers and yet, they are able to make every person referred to them create a real home for themselves.”

Great care is taken by the Fresh Start team, comprised of 120 volunteers, to choose only items that would be of real use. “Our volunteers are a very dedicated group. Yes, we are talking about donated items, but we are very specific in what we will accept. If we wouldn’t sit in it, then we wouldn’t be comfortable giving to someone else. Our clients may come from veteran groups, social services, or cases of domestic violence to name a few examples. We are trying to give them back a bit of dignity, some stability, and with that often comes hope,” expanded Sue Waudby.

If you are interested in donating furniture, time, or funds, please use the contact information and links below.

Contact: Sue Waudby 774-245-2605


Media Contact:

Sara Brunell

Long Cadillac

Director of Marketing

508-943-7070 ext. 419

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