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Flashback! Long Moves to Rte. 9 East

REPRINTED FROM: Long Loyal Customer Newsletter June 2005

Long Automotive is pleased to announce that our Cadillac and Hummer franchises will be moving into a brand new showroom in Rt. 9 in Southborough. Scheduled to open in late September, our new location will allow us to serve our clients better than ever. Hummer will be leaving Rt. 9 in Framingham and Cadillac will be leaving Rt. 135 in Framingham, but the unwavering dedication to our clients that has made Long Automotive synonymous with excellent service will remain the same.

It's certainly an exciting time as we prepare for this move. We've been at Rt. 135 for 78 years, a Long Tradition in every sense of the phrase. The old dealerships will be missed, but our brand new facilities and service centers are something everyone in the Long Family can eagerly look forward to. All of the friendly, helpful, familiar faces you have been dealing with will be found in the Southborough facility along with some new faces. Please be sure to stop in and say "hello". You can be sure to find a friendly face whenever you walk through our doors; and of course we will always be on location to help with all of your automotive needs. The facilities may change, but for more than 78 years our commitment to customer service has always been the best around.

Long Automotive June 2005

Photo: Long Automotive as it appeared in June 2005


'Flashback!' blog posts will feature an article reprinted from one of the previous issues of the Long Automotive Group newsletters or other sources as noted

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