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90 Years and Counting

Long Cadillac 90th Anniversary

In 1927, during the lovely month of May, Long Cadillac became a reality. Richard H. Long, our founder, was an experienced business owner, local politician, and devoted father. While the family business product may have changed and moved along with the times (shoe soles to tire treads), the family business of quality service has remained constant.

In this, our 'archive' of sorts, we will provide a look at some of the history of our company and share some of the family stories that make our company stand apart from the competition. Entries will not necessarily contain information chronologically, rather we are striving toward a more organic feel. The best stories come out of a silly question asked at the office or stem from another seemingly unrelated thought. It's all good!


Would you like your story featured here in the archives?

Additions can be submitted to for review. Thank you.

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