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90 Years: The Sound of Music

The Trapp Family Singers preparing for a concert in Boston in 1941

This month, 90 years ago, Maria Kutschera and Georg von Trapp married in Salzburg, Austria. Sound familiar? Maria later wrote of their life together in her book, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, which chronicles the family's singing career and their adventures in America after they escaped from Nazi-invaded Europe.

Their story served as the inspiration for the Broadway stage musical, The Sound of Music (1959), and the hugely successful 1965 film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Their legacy continues at the beautiful Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. Situated on 2,500 acres, Trapp Family Lodge is a unique mountain resort featuring Austrian-inspired architecture and European-style accommodations.


'90 Years' blog entries will feature historical happenings and news that surrounded the Long family at the beginning of our Cadillac dealership in 1927

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