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90th Donation Applicant: The Learning Center for the Deaf

The Learning Center for the Deaf

Established in 1970, The Learning Center for the Deaf (TLC) is headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. It serves deaf and hard of hearing children, adults, and families from more than 94 communities and 12 additional states.

Anatomy of The Learning Center for the Deaf Logo

To learn more about how TLC assists our community, Shelley Reese, Chief Advancement Officer, Susan Nicholl, a member of TLC's President's Advisory Council, and Carla Del Pizzo, Marketing and Communications Manager, visited the Long Cadillac showroom for an informative meeting. A multi-service organization, TLC is the largest provider of services to deaf and hard of hearing children in New England and the largest employer of the deaf in Massachusetts. “We have four service areas that our programs align with,” explained Susan Nicholl. “Education, Treatment, Community, and Culture and Research. It is of huge importance that we not only work on the individual’s need, but that of their family.”

With the demands on TLC’s educational resources growing year over year, the financial deficit is filled by fundraising efforts. “TLC fills many needs, in many ways. By making it possible for new parents to be able to communicate with their deaf child through their leading Parent Infant Program (PIP), which is a basic human need, that alone makes their work a vital asset to our community,” remarked Scott Barry, Long Cadillac Executive Manager.

As Shelley Reese reminded us, “the programs and services at TLC are built around the core values of Competence, Character, and Community.” This is proven out by TLC’s interest in ensuring that deaf and hard of hearing students achieve their full potential in an educational environment where language and communication are key. To learn more about their programs and fundraisers, use the contact information below.

Contact: Shelley Reese, Chief Advancement Officer


Media Contact:

Sara Brunell

Long Cadillac

Director of Marketing

508-943-7070 ext. 419

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