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90th Donation Applicant: Art In Giving

The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation was created in 1999 in memory of Rachel Molly Markoff, who died of a brain stem glioma at the age of nine. Rachel Molly was survived by her parents, Gary and Eliane, and twin sister, Audrey. In 2009, the Foundation created Art in Giving and changed its model for raising funds. Artists were recruited for an online gallery, and 50% of the sale proceeds are donated to the Foundation.

Art In Giving logo

Long Cadillac was fortunate to meet with the founders, Gary and Eliane Markoff, to discuss the impact Art in Giving has had in our community. “With Art in Giving, children with cancer and their families, pediatric cancer researchers, artists, art enthusiasts, and corporations all benefit,” explained Eliane. “Traditionally, artists are represented by a gallery and sales proceeds are split 50/50. Our gallery replaces that traditional split with our 50% being directly allocated to pediatric cancer research.”

In 2016, Art in Giving sold over $400,000 of art. With no payroll and minimal overhead, their business mode has enabled approximately $200,000 of the proceeds to go directly to talented researchers working on breakthrough ideas to identify causes of, and cures for, brain tumors including gliomas.

“Art in Giving is the most unique organization that we’ve met with,” observed Scott Barry, Long Cadillac Executive Manager. “They have been able to shape the artists’ talent and art lovers’ passion to help fund innovative medical research.”

Art in Giving has several renowned artists creating works in various mediums. Interior Designers and Corporate Acquisitions looking for multi-piece installations have joined personal collectors in discovering all that Art in Giving has to offer. If interested, please use the contact information and links provided below.

Contact: Eliane Markoff 617-877-4230


Media Contact:

Sara Brunell

Long Cadillac

Director of Marketing

508-943-7070 ext. 419

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