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90th Donation Applicant: Why Me Inc. & Sherry’s House

The Why Me organization was conceived and created by 13-year-old Sherry Shepherd during her four year battle with cancer. With the help of her dad, Terry, she founded the non-profit organization WHY ME, which stands for Worcester Help for Youth, Memories Everlasting. Sherry’s House serves as a home-away-from-home for families while their child is on active treatment and proudly serves as Why Me’s headquarters.

Why Me Inc. & Sherry’s House

Last month, David Hagan, Executive Director, and Danielle Sikonski, Director of Family Services & Events Manager, sat down with us to discuss all that goes into supporting families with childhood cancer.

“We look at all the ways the family is disrupted and try to make this most difficult time a little easier with some guidance and support,” recounted David Hagan. Due to compromised immune systems, most children with a cancer diagnosis face the problem of engaging safely in what most would consider ‘normal’ kid behavior. Why Me Inc. hosts family fun events and outings, holiday parties, summer camp, support groups and more to give families the opportunity to have fun and socialize with other cancer families outside the hospital setting. David added, “We do not solicit state or federal assistance and all our services are provided completely free of charge. But free is expensive, so we rely on the generosity of our community.”

“We’ve had an incredible amount of support for our fundraisers,” described Danielle Sikonski. “Our golf tournament is now in its 26th year and our poker night in its 9th. They provide much needed funding for our outings and activities, but we are also privileged to have a wonderful volunteer base that makes everything happen.”

“Having first heard of Sherry’s house through a customer and friend, I was moved by how it was grown out of love,” expressed Scott Barry, Long Cadillac Executive Manager. “Now, having spent time speaking with David and Danielle, it further impresses just how much Why Me is helping families through one of the biggest challenges life can through at you.”

To learn more about Why Me Inc.’s services or to inquiry about assisting, please use the information and links below.

Contact: David Hagan 508-757-7734


Media Contact:

Sara Brunell

Long Cadillac

Director of Marketing

508-943-7070 ext. 419

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